Trips, Tricks and Frequently Asked Question

Tips and Tricks!


  • Try filling in one colour at a time. For example, complete all the black squares first before moving onto another color or choose to begin by completing the border of your design. In some cases you'll end up being able to simply fill in the last color without referring to the Pixel Code directions.


  • Refer to the original design often.


  • Give each color a few minutes to dry before moving onto the next color.


  • Don't push down hard on the markers, the ink spreads better with a light touch.


  • Keep the grid as flat as you can, and rotate the t-shirt occasionally to help your hands move around the object.


  • If you're having a hard time with any part of the project, ask for some help.


  • If you make a mistake (colour in the wrong square), don't worry about it. That's what's great about thePixelShirt, it's your shirt and you can do whatever you want with it.


  • Place a piece of paper or cardboard (we use an old cereal box!) inside the shirt just in case the markers try to bleed through to the back.


  • Once completed, have an adult iron the reverse side of your design to help HEAT SET the ink. Iron the reverse side of your design using a back and forth motion for 4 minutes or, tumble dry your t-shirt in the dryer for 30 minutes on the hottest setting. Do not place in dryer with other items. 


  • If your kids are still a bit too young to follow a Pixel Code or Pixel Grid you can help. Some parents will put a small mark on the shirt in the corresponding square and colour. This allows younger kids to just colour in the squares


  • As you are working your way across your shirt (A,B,C...Z....etc.) with a Pixel Code or Grid, you can fold the shirt over on itself to make easier to know what number you are on. (Make sure the ink has dried)


Frequently Asked Questions



Q. How can we find more Pixel Codes and Pixel Grid images then we see on the web site?


We will be releasing more images every week. If you follow us on Facebook or join the Pixel Kids Club you will receive updates. If you have a request send it to us and we will but it on our "to do" list.


Q. My son or daughter's hockey team and drama club want to do a fundraiser. Does thePixelShirt every help with fundraising?


Absolutely, We love to work with groups to fundraise and know how important it is. Contact us and we would love to work with you. We can offer pre-order slips or customise what works for your group.


Q. How well do these shirts wash?


Very well if done correctly. Here are the instructions from the marker manufacture: Prior to washing it is recommended that you heat set your artwork. There are two ways to heat set fabric marker colors. Ask an adult to heat set them by placing your shirt in a clothes dryer set on the hottest setting for 30 minutes, or ask an adult to set an iron on cotton. Cover an ironing board with newspaper and a layer of white paper. Iron on the reverse side of your designs, using a back and forth motion, for 4 minutes. To prevent bleeding of fabric marker colors, wash items separately, in cold water, for the first three times. Machine dry.


Q. Can any type of fabric marker be used to colour shirts?


Yes, there are many brands and types of fabric markers on the market. We chose a small selection of colors to get you started. Many people buy additional markers with more colours to beat suit their artwork. Markers come with a variety of tip shapes and sizes. Make sure you like the tip sizes before you buy.


Q. When ordering the shirt and marker "kit" what design comes with it? Or do you choose that online after you recieve the kit?


Everyone likes different things so no design comes included in the "kits". Once you get your kit you then can go to the "Make a Shirt" section of our site and choose from an number of methods to choose your own special image!

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